Silage Wrap

ยง Silage wrap (Silage films)

Silage wrap is a kind of co-extruded multilayered polyethylene (PE) Blown film. It can guarantee the good storage of grass, haylage, forage and fodder. It also reduces the loss of nutrition in the storage process.

Made with the latest technology resins, it provides extra strength and high UV protection. When used according to instructions, silage wrap always provides an airtight and weatherproof shield.

Main Benefits

  • Formulated for higher strength
  • High puncture resistance and tear resistance
  • Provides a better oxygen barrier
  • Layers bond tightly together to keep air and water out
  • High level of UV stabilizer prevents film degradation
  • Manufactured to endure the hot summers and cold winters
  • Choice of rolls widths to suit pit sizes
  • Available in optional colors
  • 12~24 month guarantee according custom formulas

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